Multigenerational Mortgages

Multigenerational homes are a great way to keep a property in the family. This arrangement is not new to our society; intergenerational living has existed since early human history and continues to be a cultural norm in many parts of the world — and it’s gaining popularity in Canada. This shift raises questions about home […]

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Can You Get a Mortgage without a Home Inspection?

The mortgage approval process can be an exciting albeit tumultuous journey. It’s an opportunity for you to evaluate your finances and ensure they are in order before you purchase a home. With plenty of paperwork, it’s easy to get caught up in the process, and you might be worried you are missing a step, such […]

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Tips for First-Time Home Buyers

Table of Contents1 Mortgage Brokers in Ottawa Offer Advice to Make First-Time Home Buying Less Overwhelming1.1 Choosing Your First Mortgage1.2 Porting Options1.3 Low-Interest Rates and Prepayments1.4 Terms and Rates1.5 Buying Your First Home1.6 Accountants1.7 Realtors1.8 Lawyers/Notaries1.9 Mortgage Brokers2 How Mortgage Brokers in Ottawa Make Securing a Mortgage Much Easier3 Why Mortgage Brokers?3.1 Their Services Are […]

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A Guide to First-Time Homebuyer Incentives

Table of Contents1 Getting the Assistance You Need to Stop Renting and Purchase Your First Home1.1 Do I Qualify as a First-Time Homebuyer?2 What Programs Currently Exist for First-Time Homebuyers?2.1 First Time Homebuyer Incentive2.2 Land Transfer Rebate2.3 First-Time Home Buyer’s Tax Credit2.4 GST/HST New Housing Rebate2.5 RRSP Home Buyer’s Plan2.6 Using Your RRSP To Buy […]

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