Construction Mortgages Versus Traditional Mortgages

The Benefits Of A Construction Mortgage And How It Differs From A Traditional Mortgage Most home buyers need a mortgage loan to complete their home purchase. But the type of mortgage you get depends on whether you are buying an existing home or one that has yet to be built. Many home buyers obtain a […]

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Borrowing to Invest in Real Estate

What Is It, What Are The Advantages, And Where Do I Begin? So, you’ve decided to expand your portfolio by investing in real estate. Whether you’re an experienced investor or are completely new to the game, investing in real estate is a relatively simple and reliable way to diversify your passive income stream. Real estate […]

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Why Bank Penalties Are So Expensive and How You Can Save On Breakage Fees

Breaking Your Mortgage Can Be Expensive – Here’s How to Save on Fees So, you’re considering the idea of breaking your mortgage before your term is up—but the only thing standing in your way is a hefty breakage penalty. There is a lot to consider before you decide if this is the right path for […]

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Fixed Vs. Variable Mortgage Rates

How to Determine What Type of Mortgage Rate is Best for You Whether you are buying your first home or preparing to refinance, it’s important to have an understanding of the different types of mortgage rates when shopping around. To help give you a better sense of the two types of mortgage rates and how […]

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