Cash-Back and No Money Down Mortgages

Table of Contents1 Everything You Need to Know Before Committing2 What is a Cash-Back Mortgage?3 Can You Really Get a Mortgage With No Money Down?4 The Benefits of These Alternative Mortgages5 Why They Can Be Dangerous6 Things to Consider6.1 Alternatives6.2 The Higher The Cash Back, The Bigger The Credit Score6.3 Commit To A 5-Year Term6.4 […]

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Chris Allard Featured in CMP Magazine

We are very excited to announce that our very own Chris Allard was recently profiled by Canadian Mortgage Professional (CMP) magazine. CMP is Canada’s leading magazine publication for Canadian mortgage brokers. In the article, Chris discusses the topic of delayed home appraisals and offers advice for other mortgage brokers looking to address the issue with […]

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Why You Should Stop Renting and Buy

Table of Contents1 Steps For Taking The Next Step2 Is it Better to Rent or Buy?3 The Benefits of Home Ownership3.1 A Place to Call Your Own3.2 Build Equity3.3 Build Credit3.4 Tax Benefits3.5 Space For Family4 Why People Still Rent4.1 They Carry High-Interest Debt4.2 Flexibility4.3 Not Ready to Settle Down5 The Risks Of Waiting Too […]

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How to Prepare and Save for Your Down Payment on a House

Table of Contents1 Let Good Planning Lead You To Your Dream Home2 Understanding Down Payments And Mortgages2.1 Agree to the terms and conditions of the mortgage, including the designated interest rate.2.2 Specify the amount of time you will pay back the money2.3 Make monthly payments consisting of principal, interest and taxes2.4 Understand mortgages are secured […]

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