Reverse Mortgages, Explained

Table of Contents1 Taking a Closer Look at Your Mortgage Options in Retirement1.1 What is a Reverse Mortgage?1.2 Breaking Down the Reverse Mortgage Process1.3 Do You Qualify for a Reverse Mortgage?1.4 Other Options if You Don’t Qualify1.5 Home Equity Line of Credit vs. Reverse Mortgage: Which Loan is Right for You? Taking a Closer Look […]

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Knowing When It’s Time for A Second Mortgage

Table of Contents1 A Guide to Understanding Second Mortgages with the Help of Mortgage Brokers1.1 Understanding Second Mortgages1.2 Reasons for Getting Another Mortgage1.3 Second Mortgages as An Alternative to Refinancing1.4 Qualifying for A Second Mortgage1.5 Risks and Benefits1.6 Working with Private Lenders vs. Banks A Guide to Understanding Second Mortgages with the Help of Mortgage […]

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Mortgage Refinancing 101

Table of Contents1 Understanding the Refinancing Process with Help from a Mortgage Broker1.1 Why Are You Refinancing?1.2 How Do You Refinance Your House?1.3 What Documents Are Needed to Refinance A Home Mortgage?1.4 How Does Refinancing Work?1.5 How Much Equity Can You Take Out of Your Home?1.6 How Long Does It Take to Build Up Equity […]

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Chris Allard Recognized as One of Ottawa’s Best Mortgage Brokers

Rated as a Top-3 Mortgage Broker by Three Best Rated We’re incredibly proud to announce that Chris Allard has been named one of Ottawa’s best mortgage brokers by Three Best Rated! Congratulations, Chris! This August, Chris Allard made the top three list for Ottawa mortgage brokers, with recognition for how he works with clients to […]

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