What Not to Do Between Mortgage Approval and Mortgage Funding

Table of Contents1 Avoid These Mistakes to Keep Your Mortgage Approval In Good Standing2 What Happens After Your Mortgage is Approved?3 Why You Should Be Cautious After Your Mortgage Is Approved4 Things to Avoid Until Your Receive Your Mortgage Funds4.1 Applying For New Credit4.2 Missing Credit Payments4.3 Making Large Purchases4.4 Leaving or Changing Your Job4.5 […]

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The Benefits of Working with a Mortgage Broker as Opposed to a Bank

A Mortgage Broker Offers Help That No One Else Can – Here’s How So, you’re ready to buy a new home, and you are trying to decide between working with a mortgage broker and heading straight to the bank. Both of these options provide different benefits, but only a mortgage broker will dedicate their efforts […]

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Choosing the Right Mortgage Payment Frequency

Table of Contents1 Should I Accelerate My Mortgage Payments?1.1 Mortgage Payment Options1.2 Benefits of Accelerated Payments1.3 How to Determine Which Option is Best For You1.4 Additional Tips For Paying Down Your Mortgage Faster Should I Accelerate My Mortgage Payments? Most potential homeowners look for ways to get the lowest mortgage rates possible. However, the length […]

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Everything You Need To Know About The Mortgage Stress Test

Table of Contents1 Confused About The Mortgage Stress Test? Here’s How It Works1.1 What Is The Mortgage Stress Test?1.2 How Does It Work?1.3 Does It Only Apply To First-Time Buyers?1.4 Still Confused? Here’s An Example1.5 2020 Changes1.6 What If I Fail The Stress Test?1.7 Tips To Help Ensure You Pass1.8 Can You Avoid The Stress […]

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