The Risks of Putting In an Offer Without a Financing Condition

Table of Contents1 How a Financing Condition Can Protect Buyers From Financial and Legal Penalties1.1 What is a Financing Condition?1.2 Why People Often Waive a Finance Condition1.3 Why You Need One In Your Offer – The Worst-Case Scenarios1.4 The Importance of Pre-Approval1.5 Reasons to Work With a Mortgage Broker1.6 The Takeaway How a Financing Condition […]

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Construction Mortgages Versus Traditional Mortgages

Table of Contents1 The Benefits Of A Construction Mortgage And How It Differs From A Traditional Mortgage1.1 What Is a Construction Mortgage?1.2 Pros and Cons of a Construction Mortgage1.3 How Does it Compare to a Traditional Mortgage?1.4 How Does the Draw Process Work?1.5 Important Things to Consider With a New Build1.6 Which is Better – […]

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Borrowing to Invest in Real Estate

Table of Contents1 What Is It, What Are The Advantages, And Where Do I Begin?1.1 Types of Real Estate Investments and the Pros and Cons of Each1.2 Should You Borrow to Invest?1.3 Borrowing Options for Investing in Real Estate1.4 The Takeaway What Is It, What Are The Advantages, And Where Do I Begin? So, you’ve […]

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Why Bank Penalties Are So Expensive and How You Can Save On Breakage Fees

Table of Contents1 Breaking Your Mortgage Can Be Expensive – Here’s How to Save on Fees2 What Are Mortgage Penalties?3 Reasons to Break Your Mortgage4 How Do Banks and Other Lenders Calculate Penalties?5 The Reason Penalties Are So Expensive6 How to Avoid High Penalties7 Myth That Porting A Mortgage Is Free Of Penalties With A […]

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