Matt Greig

Mortgage Agent/Underwriter

Matt Greig licensed mortgage agent

“Helping in such a way is a great feeling.”

Matt Greig

Licensed Mortgage Agent

Matt Greig licensed mortgage agent

Matt is the team’s approval guru and a fully licensed mortgage agent who handles client file submissions and pursues approvals with prospective lenders. With three mortgages of his own now, Matt understands just how important a mortgage approval is to his clients.

Born in Montreal and raised in Barrhaven, his passion for real estate started soon after he graduated from uOttawa. Eager to work and build a career, he became a financial advisor, and at the age of 22, bought his first home with his best friend. Not long after, they bought a second property at the age of 24. While Matt found the process incredibly exciting, he soon realized his day job was anything but. As a former colleague and friend had started a fast-growing mortgage business, Matt took the plunge and chased his passion—and never looked back.

“Every mortgage approval indicates an impact to a client’s life, whether it be their first home purchase or refinancing to consolidate debt,” says Matt. “Helping in such a way is a great feeling.”

Matt works hard to stay on top of the latest government and lender policies to ensure our clients get the very best rates and services possible. A dedicated and driven professional, Matt loves working to help clients achieve their goals and get the approvals they’re after.

When he’s not working, he can be found hitting the rink with his friends every week for a game of hockey or enjoying a good dinner out with great company. In his downtime, Matt takes every opportunity he can to get out of the country and travel.

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