About Your Bad Credit?

If you’re worried your credit rating will impact your mortgage application, you are not alone. The number of Canadians in debt is on the rise, and even people with a high income are refinancing their home or taking out loans more frequently than in the past. Refinancing to pay out debt can, in some cases, be the quickest way to increase your credit score.

Even after declaring bankruptcy, a mortgage may still be an option. Mortgage brokers understand the human element behind your bad credit, always taking into account the full story behind your credit history, and can negotiate with private lenders on your behalf to get you the best mortgage rate possible.

More Than Just
Your Mortgage Broker

If your overall credit situation is less than stellar and you’ve already been declined for a mortgage by your bank, Chris Allard will do more than get you the best rate. His vast experience and passion for mortgages have made him a dedicated expert in the field. His desire to help others has led to him providing his experience to clients needing help getting their credit back on track. In some cases, Chris has been able to get his clients approved at the same bank that declined them the first time!

Choose Chris Allard

If you’re living in Ottawa and have bad credit, no credit,
or have had to declare bankruptcy because of:

  • Job loss
  • Divorce
  • Injury
  • Illness
  • And more

Chris believes that you should still qualify for a mortgage rate that works for you. Pick up your phone and give him a call today. He is happy to provide a no-obligation consultation to discuss your options with you.

No matter the time of day, Chris is available on his cellphone or by email. Do not hesitate to contact him with your questions!